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July Fourth

We didn't do anything for the Fourth of July, since I had to work. I finished the first-pass proofs for the Empire and Rebellion: Razor's Edge the Star Wars novel (and it now has an official description here) and then worked more on the ending of Emilie and the Sky World.

That evening I had an appointment to go get pictures taken for an article in the local magazine for their annual Arts issue. This was the photographer http://www.igorkraguljac.net/ who has done some really beautiful photos. We went out to a small private lake that belonged to an older neighborhood bit outside of down and took some really cool photos. I can't wait to see them.

That's pretty much it. I haven't been doing much of anything but working and occasionally playing on tumblr.


If you missed it:

* All the parts of The Death of the Necromancer are now online at Black Gate Magazine.

* This month is my twentieth anniversary as a published writer.

* IvieMoon did a gorgeous portrait of Kade Carrion from The Element of Fire on DeviantArt.

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Happy twentieth! I have been glad for a long time that you picked this career.

Btw, "Emilie" hasn't touched the shelf at work since it came out of processing. :) Very popular among our adventure-starved middle graders.

Oh, that's great! Thanks for telling me. ;)

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