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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate Monuments

(no subject)

Had to take Jack to TAMU emergency small animal clinic this morning for possible blocked bladder. Home with him now in wait and see mode. There for two hours, then I had a nose bleed. Not a great Saturday so far, basically.

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Oh no! Best wishes for you both.

Oh no! Good thoughts for Mr. Kitty, and for you :(

Sending good thoughts.

Oh, no! I hope Jack is better soon! Phineas has been on special prescription food ever since he had a blockage a few years ago. He was one miserable kitty until we got him unblocked!

I hope you're both feeling better soon. Will keep my fingers crossed for Jack.

Sending healing thoughts for both you and Jack. ::HUGS:: Hope you're both well soon.

I hope Jack recovers well.

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