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Feral Again


I had kind of a mixed bag of a weekend.

The bad: Jack the cat had the symptoms of a kitty bladder infection late on Friday and Saturday morning, so since our regular vet was closed, I took him to the TAMU vet teaching hospital. They took about two hours to treat him, and it was kind of inconclusive, though they figured out it wasn't any kind of blockage. It was kind of stressful on both of us. And the sedative they had to give him made him high for about twelve hours. There was a lot of purring and cuddling and occasional confused biting. But he's been much better since, so hopefully it was just some kind of temporary inflammation.

The good: I finished Emilie and the Sky World, the sequel to Emilie and the Hollow World, and sent it off to my agent this morning. It's my fifteenth book, and will be out sometime next year from Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry.

And we saw Pacific Rim and it was awesome. I loved Idris Elba in it and Rinko Kikuchi may be my new lady-crush.

Today I think I'm going to give myself a treat and work on the Raksura novella that's due by September 1.

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Hugs to Jack and you.

Big yays for book delivered and new Raksura book in progress! Yayayay!!!

Thank you! and *hugs* back

YAAAAY New Raksura novella :D That makes me stupidly happy to hear :D Also congrats on getting the new Emilie sent off, and I'm glad jack seems to be doing better.

Book delivery! YaY!

I was going to read your links to "Death of the Necromancer", but then discovered that I had downloaded a copy to my Kindle, so I've read that over the past few days (during nebulizer treatments). Penned a review with my initial reaction, or rather, have it on my Kindle, so it will get out when I get out, i.e., when I get ot another Wifi spot. Kindle Fire makes a few things fairly simple. I'll have it settled in yet! My keyboarding may still suck, but at least the option to immediately write a gut review of a book is a novelty.

Glad your cat is okay. But also Pacific Rim! I found it slightly derivative, but I loved it anyway - especially Stacker Pentecost and Mako Mori, and their lovely parent-child, mentor-student relationship. And I also want to read all the AUs where OTPs are Jaeger co-pilots - it would fit so many fandoms!

Thanks! And oh wow, I hadn't even thought about that possibility. I bet we do get some awesome crossovers/fusions!

Yay for finishing Emilie and the Sky World! Now if only I could get out the last 30,000 words of my novel in a timely manner. Not being at the point of having deadlines seems to boost procrastination levels exponentially, among general laziness and work fatigue.

Also really glad to hear you're still working on the Raksura novella(s). :)

Thank you! Yeah, having a deadline really does help.

I'm glad Jack is improving. One of my kitties had a UTI a couple of years ago; they gave him an intravenous antibiotic that cleared it up but just in case he's prone to UTI's I've been mixing the cats' indoor-cat food with cat-urinary-tract-health food. So far no repeat performance.

So excited about the Emilie book!! Also about a Raksura novella! Whee!

The good: I finished Emilie and the Sky World, the sequel to Emilie and the Hollow World, and sent it off to my agent this morning.

::tries really hard to read it long-distance telepathically::

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