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Lots of Things

I got to choose from a list of narrators for the Tantor audiobooks versions.

For The Element of Fire and The Death of the Necromancer it's going to be Derek Perkins, for the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy it's Talmadge Ragan, and for City of Bones it's going to be Kyle McCarley. For Wheel of the Infinite, I asked if they had a black woman narrator who might be interested in doing it, and the casting director was immediately on it and got Lisa Reneé Pitts, who you can see from her bio is pretty awesome. So I'm really happy with all the choices.


I got attacked by fireants last Thursday, not too bad on my legs and feet but my lefthand looked kind of nasty. I soaked the bites in vinegar for about half an hour (I know this is not supposed to work, but it does on me, if I get it on the bites fast enough. Chlorinated pool water works even better) and they don't itch or hurt, but they still look pretty awful.


The signing at Murder by the Book with Joy Preble, Mary Lindsey, and P.J. Hoover was a huge amount of fun. I really enjoy group signings. We talked a bit about our books, did short readings, and then took questions. Later that night I went out to a place called Sweet Paris and had a crepe stuffed with marshmallow and chocolate and graham crackers that was the size of my head.

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It's so cool that you got input on who reads your books. I look forward to listening.

Fireants are of the devil. I hope the bites heal up quickly and the fireants died a quick, painful death.

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