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Stargate in Distance

WorldCon and First Audiobook Dates

I've got three things I need to finish before WorldCon starts on the 29th, and I'm trying to concentrate on that and not just think about WorldCon. I haven't been to the San Antonio Riverwalk for several years, and I'm really looking forward to going again. (There's a neat map of it here) It's a great site for a con, and with the weather being so hot (it's been over 100 here since, uh, forever) it's nice that you can use the riverwalk to move between the two hotels and the convention center, and to get to lots of restaurants, since it's considerably cooler than street level and a lot of it is shaded. There's a new short film festival at WorldCon now too, with 35 pages of entries from all over the world, so that should be awesome, if I have time to see any of it. I'll post my schedule here when I get the complete/final version.

I'm going to be one of a group of authors hosting a party Thursday night at 8:00 (we don't know the suite number yet). The others are members of the Booksworn group and this is our usual WorldCon party with lots of food and drinks, and free books will be given out as prizes throughout the night. I should have copies of The Serpent Sea and The Siren Depths in paperback and ebook to give away, plus a few copies of Emilie and the Hollow World. The Cloud Roads is in short supply because the paperbacks are nearly sold out, so I probably won't have any of those.

My husband will also be doing a historical tour of the area around the Alamo, which will be on the schedule, though I think you need to sign up for it.

Apex Magazine did an article on various authors' Top 5 Con Necessities, but for the San Antonio WorldCon I'd recommend a) sunblock b) a floppy hat you can roll up in your bag and carry with you (you may not need it in the Riverwalk, but if you walk to the museum or Market Square or the Alamo, or anywhere else, it will help a lot) c) a water bottle d) snacks to keep your blood sugar in line. I tend to have problems with this at cons because I use up energy talking and interacting with people at a lot faster rate than I ever do anywhere else, and I tend to forget that I need to eat more and more frequently to compensate. Like, normally I avoid drinks with sugar except for a little in tea occasionally; at cons I actually need them to keep going, and I tend to forget that. So if in the late afternoon or evening you're trying to talk to me and I seem drifty and am calling people by the wrong name, that's what's going on.

If you are new to cons, FYI the hotel will probably try to freeze people to death with its air conditioning in the panel rooms, so an overshirt or jacket is always a good idea. Also a shoulder bag to carry your purchases and free items.

Audiobook dates:

They are coming quicker than I thought!

The Element of Fire narrated by Derek Perkins, 9/16/2013

The Death of the Necromancer, narrated by Derek Perkins, 9/30/2013

They have City of Bones listed but no date for it yet. I'm guessing maybe early October?

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Great news on the audiobooks! I will save my Audible credits (I think they usually get titles as soon as Tantor releases them).

Enjoy San Antonio. I do like the river walk.

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