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Various Things

Club Jade posted a mini-excerpt of my Star Wars book, Razor's Edge.

New book recs:

Possession by Kat Richardson. Part of a very neat urban fantasy/mystery series. That link goes to Tor.com where an excerpt has been posted.

Codex Born by Jim Hines. Book 2 of the Magic Ex Libris series.



* Shark Week Jumps the Shark
Here's what I don’t get, Discovery: Megalodons were real, incredible, fascinating sharks. There's a ton of actual science about them that is well worth a two hour special. We've discovered their nursery grounds off the coast of Panama, for example. Their bite is thought to be the strongest of all time—strong enough to smash an automobile—beating out even the most monstrous dinosaurs. The real science of these animals should have been more than enough to inspire Discovery Channel viewers. But it's as if you don’t care anymore about presenting the truth or reality. You chose, instead, to mislead your viewers with 120 minutes of bullshit. And the sad part is, you are so well trusted by your audience that you actually convinced them: according to your poll, upwards of 70% of your viewing public fell for the ruse and now believes that Megalodon isn’t extinct.

* An article I think everybody needs to read: Do You Suffer from Decision fatigue?
This is a huge issue especially for people who are on a budget and struggling to make ends meet. Being aware of it at least helps a little.


Still working on the first Raksura novella, which keeps getting longer. People ask occasionally what they can do to get more Raksura books, and it's basically the same things you can do to support any books that you enjoyed:

- add the books to your GoodReads or LibraryThing lists,

- leave reviews on Amazon or B&N or wherever you bought it (these reviews do help, because after a certain number of them the book shows up more frequently in Amazon's recommendation system)

(the new eBook Bundle could really use both reviews and being added to GoodReads and LibraryThing, so more people know it's available)

- if your local library doesn't have the books, request that the library get them. Libraries are usually glad to get requests for books, and have request cards to fill out either at the front desk or online.

- and the biggie, recommend them to people you think would enjoy them too.

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BTW, I read that article last night, and I told my husband I think that was why I was so cranky yesterday.

I've added the Kindle edition to Goodreads. The ebook edition was already there - but I changed the covers to the one you had linked to earlier, where you can actually have a look at the cover art and not just the spines. I have no idea why Amazon shows that on the site itself because the first page in the preview pages on Amazon also has the better cover look.

Amazon should just go ahead and plaster them all over the front page as far as I'm concerned. I discovered Serpent Sea on the front page while it was on sale (I'll admit, the cover caught my eye), and then I found Cloud Roads through that. The point is, I would not have known about the Raksura if weren't for their front page, and it was honestly a wonder I even found it at all, or that the one thing that drew my curiosity of the list I was looking at would turn out to become my favorite series.

I'll go ahead and add the ebook bundle to goodreads and maybe even put up a review eventually (book reviews aren't really something I dabble in so if I do, it might be a while, simply because I prefer somewhat lengthy reviews over one or two sentence blurbs).

You're right about the Decision Fatigue article - it's something I was aware of already, but it's incredibly helpful to see the process and the effects laid out in detail like that.

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