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Dr. Orpheus

Stupid Facebook is Stupid Stupid Stupid

If you came in late, earlier today, Facebook suddenly logged me off, told me my account was disabled because of "security reasons" and that to get it back I had to upload an official government picture ID.

It was really Facebook, this is a thing they've been doing: http://www.itproportal.com/2013/01/28/facebook-demands-photo-id-as-part-of-new-verification-process/

And my problem is, Wells is my writing pseud, and have no official ID in that name.

I called my husband to check and see if my account had been hacked and was posting porn or something, and his account was also disabled, for "security reasons." People checked for us, and both accounts no longer existed, you couldn't even tag us.

So he uploaded his ID. Then just now he realized that his account was now back. He checked, and mine was back too, even though I had never uploaded any ID.

So what does that even mean? I'm just an annex to my husband? Or it's okay if I'm a fake person as long as he's real?

So it was all a stupid non-event for no reason and yeah, I have no idea. I do need it because of all the people I keep in touch with there who aren't online anywhere else, and for the people who read it to get news about my book, and I'm in a couple of groups that are organized through FB, including one for a shared world anthology it would be a real pain not to have access to.

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Ugh, that is intensely frustrating! I'm sorry you had to deal with their crap, though I'm glad it did get sorted out, as dickish as it was.

Also you are a real person, I am pretty sure :)

Ohhh ... Facebook. Well, glad to know you're back. Me and my purple-haired Facebook self would miss you if FB decided you weren't real enough for them. *snort*

Facebook, you stupidhead! *shakes fist at*

Clearly you are a (beloved) mass delusion of all of us on the internets. >_>

Glad that worked out, even if it was for a silly patriarchal reason.

As said earlier, I love that FB's actual policies sound like phishing scams.

Glad your account is back, but it's still kind of a "wtf?!?" moment...

Yet another good reason for me to avoid FB.

I'm wondering if FB itself has been hacked.

And I'm wondering if your husband's ID is now in the hands of someone it shouldn't be.

(I used to be paid to be paranoid like that.)

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, and this does not inspire the love.

Especially since I was planning the next series to be under a pseudonym. I'll have to ask a friend who is two people on Facebook (herself and someone else) how she did it--and what her backup plans are in case this happens to her.

You did good not going nuts!

two different email accounts, unrelated to each other, and the "backup" email for each of them being yet another one, that i also check regularly. i have two fb accounts, one under a real name and one under an extremely obvious pseudonym, and haven't had any trouble (yet, i suppose). i use one account professionally, the real-name one, and the other personally. guess which one i'm on more? :)

Edited at 2013-08-08 04:24 am (UTC)

I wish I'd set this one up as private, but I was sorta dying at the time, and didn't see a point in separating things out. Well, didn't die, releasing ebooks, writing again. ;^)

Is this three or four email accounts?

I guess a document with my legal address on it no matter what the name attached might be useful--or use my PO Box for the pseudonym, and do something with getting named mail to that address?

Thanks for confirming that it will work. I think the trick is probably if you're locked out. I actually don't care if Facebook knows--I just don't want anyone else to know until I'm ready for it to be known.

But we all know how much luck Owl Goingback has had with his attempts to get on Facebook, even with a driver's license in his own name.

i don't get it, because my fb name is TheMinister's Cat (as in the parlor game) and i have friends with fb names like Emerald Fyre. etc. hi, i am a fake name. i've had this account for several years with no problem. obviously there will be no ID with this name.

it's four email accounts, all of which forward to one, so i actually see them all in one spot. i had them already; it just seemed prudent to set the two accts up separately.

but my boyfriend Rev, actual legal name Rev, found it impossible to sign up with that as his name. actual legal name notwithstanding. so now he uses a fake name on FB because they made him. wtf?

I don't get it, either. I guess if you're grandfathered, they are not pursuing it? But other people trying to get accounts have had trouble. I imagine some of it is caught up in the "people pretending to be celebs" such as the writers or actors who have no Facebook page and don't intend to have one, but people keep opening up accounts in those names.

I have a feeling that if Facebook does that to me, I'll tell them to stick it in their ear. I've only recently gotten into using it, and though it is nice for keeping in touch with some of the family, I'm not uploading my ID for a stupid social networking site. What pretentious assholes they are.

I don't think it had anything to do with your husband uploading his ID: a lot of people were apparently kicked off "For security reasons" and reinstated. One theory about the bulk reinstatement is that they could smell the PR scandal in the making.

I do believe you are spot on. It would hardly be the first time a serious bad PR resulted in mass exodus of users.

Glad I still have my Live Journal active.

Facebook plays really awful games in a bid to get more information out of its users. I really wish it wasn't so necessary in the modern world to be on it.

A problem I have with thinking about dropping it and just having my own web site again (mirroring here) is that when you apply for a job, if you are not on Facebook? They wonder why. They think you are not connected enough to modern life. They think you can't talk to younger people.

They may not hire you because of what you put on your Facebook.

1984 came and went, and we didn't notice because it was late.

Oddds are, Facebook was hacked, and that's where the convolution came in. I'm not sure if Facecrooks said anything about a scam, but.....

I am clueless why Facebook or any other social media thinks it is a good idea to use real names.

It is just insane, more importantly why is it important that they verify who we are.

Oh wait I forgot the Patriot Act is still a thing. So now Facebook and Google think they are the arbiters of society safety.

I am having one of those Godwin's Law moments.

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