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Saturday Things

I'm really behind on answering comments and may not catch up soon, but I'm still here reading everything. I still have three big things I need to get done before WorldCon, including finishing the first Raksura novella, which I really really hope will be in the next few days. So far it's 35,000 words, about 169 manuscript pages, which equals about one-fourth of the length of the Raksura novels. (It'll be out in ebook, and I'll post when as soon as I find out from the publisher.)

The Facebook thing: after talking to a friend who had the same thing happen, we think that his account was hacked by a bot, and that Facebook temporarily disabled all the accounts on his friendslist to keep the bot from spreading. Which is fine, but if the "you can't login" message we got had said something like "your account has been temporarily disabled to protect it from a suspected hacking attempt, please stand by" instead of "your account has been disabled for security reasons, period" it would have been a lot less frustrating.

I've been craving s'mores lately. I blame the internet. And my life in general.

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Have I said how much I'm looking forward to reading the new novella? I really am. :-)

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