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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Forest -Kashyyk

Monday Things

The first Raksura novella is done through the climax and just needs a wrap-up scene, and a good edit, so yay! And a good title; I have one but am meh about it.

I've been answering pronunciation questions for some of the audiobook narrators. Three already have release dates and you can keep tabs on when the others are added on this page at Tantor Audio. (The Raksura books are all available in audiobook here on Audible.com.)

I'm about to start some initial work on the other story I need to get at least a draft of done before WorldCon. Fortunately it's much shorter.


* You may have heard, author Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Mertz/Barbara Michaels passed away. Dean James wrote an appreciate for her here

* A Twitter Storify Some Thoughts by Kate Elliott on World Building
I need people to sit down and think about how carping about world building in fantasy has sexist, colonialist, and racist implications. I agree with this absolutely.

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Man, I think I am in love a little bit with that Kate Elliott piece. ...Says the person graduating shortly with her PhD in anthropology/archaeology >.> It's so true though. Landscape and material culture are incredibly important to identity, both on an individual and a cultural level! However, I have also seen in my own research how easy it is for other cultural systems to overwhelm those links if you're only looking at a part of the whole.

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