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John and Teyla - Uh Oh

Links for Friday

* I'm currently sitting on the Raksura novella for a few days, hoping some beta readers have time to read it and give me feedback.

* It rained everywhere in the state over the past few days except our block. The rain literally -- literally -- stopped a hundred yards down the street. At one point all you could see on the weather radar was green and yellow except for the white spot that was our house.


* N.K. Jemisin: Time to pick a side.
I mention all these seemingly disparate things because they’re not disparate at all. These events are reflective of massive societal transformations taking place right now, all over the world. This transformation is more than just demographic. We’re seeing growing challenges to hierarchies, to orthodoxies, to every level of "the way it’s always been done".

* New Stateman: I hate strong female characters
No one ever asks if a male character is "strong". Nor if he's "feisty," or "kick-ass" come to that.

The obvious thing to say here is that this is because he's assumed to be "strong" by default. Part of the patronising promise of the Strong Female Character is that she's anomalous. "Don't worry!" that puff piece or interview is saying when it boasts the hero's love interest is an SFC. "Of course, normal women are weak and boring and can't do anything worthwhile. But this one is different. She is strong! See, she roundhouses people in the face."
This article makes a huge number of good points. And the passage above makes me think of how a reader called Tremaine Valiarde from the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy "weak" because she couldn't fight like Xena. Because directly causing or subtly influencing most of the action in the books, including controlling through one method or another every vehicle she travels in, is "weak."

* Salon: Women’s free speech is under attack: The threats and trolling women receive online silence them just as effectively as any censorship

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Wow, that's a clueless comment about Tremaine. That person wasn't reading the same books I was.

Yeah, it was really annoying.

Rachael Neumeier linked to the same exact article--and used Tremaine as an example of a complex and interesting character who didn't have to be Xena.

So excited for the Raksura novella!

As with a lot of blowhard males, the perception that women are weak, however erroneous, still exists. Like any other human being, every woman's strength, every human strength, is different. At least ther is a growing recognition that it is the inclination that matters. It may take a bit longer for those males (and yes, even females) to recognize and acknowledge the truth. There's more than one kind of strength, anyway.

(Deleted comment)
Sure! I'll email it to you.

Do you still need beta readers for the Raksura novella?

I just re-read the trilogy a week ago...
I can be reached at trey.palmer@gmail.com

Re: Do you still need beta readers for the Raksura novella?

Thanks very much, but I think I have enough people now. :)

Re: Do you still need beta readers for the Raksura novella?

Ah well, them's the breaks.
I guess I'll just have to wait and pay you for the results.

You probably already have enough beta readers, but perhaps you could consider me for the future novellas? It's not a big deal if you don't, but I just thought I'd throw that out there. Regardless, I can't wait to read them. :)

I just finished re-reading the Raksura books. (Seriously, like fifteen minutes ago. I might or might not still be a little sniffly about Moon being nice to Ember; I admit nothing.) So I'd just like to throw in a hearty "YAY!"

Happy to hear about the Raksura novel, looking forward to it.

I just finished the Fall of Ile-Rien series last night and I can't imagine anyone calling Tremaine weak. She may not fight like Xena, but she is extremely dangerous in her own way. I love how unconventional she is as one of the "heroes" of the trilogy. By the way, you have somehow converted me to reading fantasy, something I was pretty sure would never happen.

I absolutely can't wait for the Raksura novel. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE those books? My favorite books of all time. I would never have imagined myself reading books three times and I have no doubt I'll read them again. I guess this makes me an official fangirl of the Raksura!

Yay, thank you very much! I'm glad I converted you. :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! She was one of my favorite characters to write, and I wanted to make her very much a flawed person who was still very capable.

Wait, wait -- this is a raksura novel? Not a novella (which would also be fine!), but a full-length novel?

Is it my birthday?? :-) :-)

No, no, it's a novella, only around 39,000 words. (I typed novel by accident and just corrected it) I'm actually worried about that because I figure I'll get a bunch of one star reviews on Amazon for it being too short, even though it will be described as a novella.

Yikes. I hope that doesn't happen. Novellas are also good (and 39,000 is a pretty healthy size, for a novella!).

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