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Stargate in Distance

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Except for a couple of good moments, I'm not having that great a day, so I thought I'd distract myself and talk about this weird thing that happens to my brain occasionally in case it happens to anybody else.

I was looking for something to watch while eating lunch and saw that the movie Boy on a Dolphin was on, and I had the reaction to it I always have, which is a split-second of "OH YAY!" followed by disappointment that it isn't the movie I think it is, and will not be. (I don't like Raquel Welch, for one thing.) I don't know quite what movie I think it is, it's like I have an altered memory of it, or I remember the movie it was in an alternate universe, or maybe I've conflated it with a kid's book I was reading the first time I saw mention of the title. I do have some clear memories of a children's adventure book involving Greek and Roman archeology and looking for Ancient occupation sites in the Aegean, and diving underwater to find a hidden tomb or temple, but I also remember it was not as awesome as I was hoping either. (The people buried in the temple did not magically come back to life and no portals opened to other dimensions, etc.)

Anyway, I've had that reaction to it every time I see the title, for years and years now, and I have no idea. I would still like to see the version of it that's buried in my brain somewhere, existing only in the reality of a misfiring neuron.

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So, then: Emilie and the Undersea Temple.

Right? Right? And then it could be optioned for a movie, and then everybody could have that "OH YAY!" reaction when it comes on. Right?

...It's probably just one of those random associative things. I still get flashes of Atlas Shrugged when I'm eating a particular sort of food, which has nearly ruined several meals for me.

But, still: Emilie and the Undersea Temple. Please?

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I would SO preorder this.

Sympathy on the Atlas Shrugged flashbacks.

Yeah, it is funny how that happens. I associate certain TV shows with laundry, and vice verse.

Incidentally, I realize that you can't comment on story ideas or potential story ideas, etc., and that you're perfectly capable of coming up with these things on your own. More than anything else - you know, Raksura, Ile-Rien, Emilie, etc. - I'm just enthused about seeing more Martha Wells books. So I hope I didn't create any awkwardness, and I hope you understand that the suggestion was meant as a display of enthusiasm, and not as... how to say this? ...not as anything I would seriously expect you to follow up on.

Oh no, I understood that, and it was fine. It's actually very fun to see people come up with things like that. :)

I just haven't been able to respond much here because I got busy, then was a bit sick yesterday.

Island of the Blue Dolphins. That's what you're thinking of.

My brain makes jumps like that, too.

That's such an awesome movie!

No, I remember that one. This book was definitely about archeology on the coast of Greece, or maybe Crete, or somewhere associated with classical archeology. And there was a tomb that the kids stumbled on that was underwater, which is probably why I'm linking it to the "Boy on a Dolphin" movie.

This would not be the first time I remember a children's novel nobody else has heard of and that there are no existing copies of. I think the branch of the library we went to was in a pocket universe.

::HUGS:: I hope your day improves.

My brain does that, too. And, my first reaction upon seeing that title is to think of Day of the Dolphin or Island of the Blue Dolphin and I don't know why.

Hi, Martha --

This post intrigued me, because my brain did the same thing to me for almost forty years. I saw a movie on TV when I was about seven or eight (late 1960s) and it scared me silly, but I never saw it again -- so, for most of my life (and at the most random of times) I would recall images of a horse galloping so fast it was a blur; of two men in a cave being burned alive by a huge ball of fire; and a woman turning into a hideous hag...and I would wonder if I was recalling a movie or a nightmare.

Fast forward to 2006 and now I have Google. The images re-occurred one day while I was at the computer, and I decided to see if I could somehow track this down and see if what I was remembering was indeed a movie. It was painstaking, having to use such vague keywords, but eventually I came across a link that sent me to a website devoted to B-movies of the 1950s and 1960s.

Turns out what I had seen was a Bert I Gordon-directed movie from 1963 called "The Magic Sword". Let me amend that; a REALLY CRAPPY movie called "The Magic Sword". Youtube had the complete movie, albeit the one aired on MST3K, which was awesome to watch. So, yeah. Brain tells you something but seems to enjoy making you wonder if it was real or imagined.

And now I have to check out "Island of the Blue Dolphin".

Yes, I've seen that one! Gordon's other movies that show up on MST3K are worth watching, too. He's got some really bad ones.

Hilariously, I too had fond memories of The Magic Sword! Particularly that spell the aunt-witch had about "flesh on the rack/Give my boy the power to attack."

This sounds like it's related to that thing where people keep telling you about a book/movie/whatever and then the thing you expect it to be turns out to be nothing like what it actually is. There are still some alternate-universe versions of things that I wish actually existed.

Forgot to add a P.S. to my post -- three cheers and a tiger to have you write "Emilie and the Undersea Temple". DOOOOOO IT! :)

As a lot of people have mentioned, I too have these little brain sputters--especially about books. So you are not alone.. The book you describe sounds awesome and vaguely familiar. I shall have to exercise the few brain cells that aren't clogged with rock songs lyrics!
(BTW, that's Sophia Loren in the movie, made in 1957, co-starring Alan Ladd and Clifton Webb. I kinda like the movie, but that's because I'm NOT expecting it to be something else)

The boy and dolphin movie I remember best is the original Flipper movie from 1963. Alas, no ancient civilizations to be found in that one...

I routinely recall movies as being better than they actually were. The movie that you describe sounds wonderful! I hope someone can find it.

That's happened to me with movies, too. And your description of the movie you want/remember makes me think of that Hayley Mills movie adaptation of a Mary Stewart book, though that's not actually what you're describing.

Brains are weird.

The Moon Spinners, right? Yes, I thought of the same film, reading the description (though I'd never realized it was actually based on a book, probably because I watched it when I was 10-12 years old, at most).

Yep, that's it! Glad I'm not the only one who thought of it. The book, like most of Mary Stewart's young adult novels, is great fun.

(Deleted comment)
Well, writing your version might be a nice little Middle Grade side project... HURRAY!

I do not know exactly what it is you are talking about. But it feels familiar, like I knew it once.

I always wanted it to be like this -


- but alas, I suspect it is not...

Yes, I think the statue from the movie is much smaller and not nearly as cool.

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