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Book Drawing

ETA: Contest is finished! See the winners in this post

I woke up really early this morning and have about half my writing goal for the day done, so I'm going to celebrate with a book drawing. (And if you saw this post yesterday, I have my author's copies of the new book now.)

Comment on this post and I will enter your name in a drawing and if you win, you can choose one (1) copy of:

- a signed hardcover of Empire and Rebellion: Razor's Edge
- or a signed trade paperback of The Serpent Sea
- or a signed trade paperback of The Siren Depths
- or a signed trade paperback of Emilie and the Hollow World

The autograph will be personalized with your name if you want (or someone else's name if it's a gift).

I'll choose at least five winners, and you'll have at least a couple of days to enter. And the winners will have to send me their mailing addresses so I can them their book.

ETA: yes, international entries are fine.

You have the best book drawing contests!

Ooh ooh ooh yes please :D

Hooray, book contest! :D

A new book and a good writing day - doubly nice!

(Deleted comment)
Yes, I forgot to mention that!

Thanks for holding the contest!

I'll throw in my name, although I won and gave away one of your books at Drinks with Authors during WorldCon.

I would love to receive any of these editions.

Everyone loves a contest! I hope the rest of the day is just as productive!

HAHA, oh my god -- ok. This is a story. I saw an ad for that book along the side of a website I was reading, and I paused to figure out what it was. At first I thought it was a video game, then I realized it was a book, and then that the character was Leia looking like a badass. And this was my sequence of thoughts:

- Oh, Leia! Wow, she IS my favorite
- Ugh, but people are so bad at writing books about girls.I guess it's great she looks badass, but I hate stories that just gives girls guns and asskicking and and smug confidence and hope that makes them "strong".
- That makes me think of Tremaine. She never stops being mousy, grumpy, and wearing tweed. And she never learns Kung Fu. Instead, she's so proactive; she just ends up in charge. It's crazy how real that feels.
- Yeah, I wish this Leia book could be written by someone who writes characters like Tremaine.
- I remember that time Martha Wells said people called Tremaine a doormat because she didn't know Kung Fu. I hope she knows that's nonsense. I definitely want more Tremaines in my life.

In other words, my response to that cover was literally, "In my ideal world, that book is written by Martha Wells or equivalent." I clicked through to your tumblr post, and I started laughing really hard. Now I wonder how much of my online preferences that ad generator had tracked to produce that ad. :)

Anyway, looking forward to it!

this is awesome!
i hope replies to others' comments also count for the contest, because i also want a book!

I agree you have awesome book drawing contests. Please enter me!