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Martha Wells

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Stuff and Links

I was on Hollywood.com yesterday, which was kind of surreal. Here's a quote from the interview they did:
"I think the key is not just seeing Leia as a stereotypical strong woman character, but as someone who is young but is a leader, who has taken on huge responsibilities, but also as someone who has an epic temper and can be sarcastic, and can make mistakes," Wells says. "She's not a perfect princess, she's a person with flaws and vulnerabilities who manages to do what she needs to do anyway, and I think those things were conveyed in Carrie Fisher's performance." and there's an excerpt from the book.

And I was also interviewed here on: Geeks with Curves

and This Blog is Full of Words

Razor's Edge Fan Art:

FanGirlBlog is posting gorgeous fan art by Magali Villeneuve of Razor's Edge every day, and my favorite is this one of Sian Tesar: http://fangirlblog.com/2013/09/let-there-be-rebels-in-razors-edge-art/ I told someone the other day that it's kind of rare that you make up a character and say she's beautiful, and then someone draws her and she's just so beautiful you just want to sit there and look at her.

Raksura Fan Art

IvieMoon posted some very cool Books of the Raksura fan art: Moon and Jade

There's more fan art linked here on the Raskura Compendium section of my web site, plus links to stories set in the same world, etc.

(And if you want the books in ebook, or want to get them for someone as a gift, there's a cheaper ebook bundle of all three on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Or you can get them individual at a discount DRM-free from Baen Webscription Site

Free Stories

Tor.com: Thief of War by Beth Bernobich

BlackGate.com: Stand at Dubun-Geb by Ryan Harvey


* Literary Trysts It Gives Me Great Joy To Think About: Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman
Because mine is an evil and a petty mind, suitable more to wallowing in the sordid sexual goings-on of literary giants than in reading their work, I take every opportunity I can to inform people who may not have known that Walt Whitman and Oscar Wilde almost certainly had sex in 1882.

* This is an older link but I hadn't seen it before: Killers Kill, Dead Men Die
With a star corpse, and suspects ranging from Helen Mirren to Forest Whitaker, Annie Leibovitz and Michael Roberts create a film noir masterpiece to die for.

* A Reminder That Reality TV is Staged a post from one of the cosplayers who got depicted as a "villain" on Heroes of Cosplay.