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Martha Wells

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Watch That Plant


Yesterday I took a mental health day off and we went to the Sherwood Forest Celtic Music Festival. There had been torrential rain the day before (which we badly needed, though we've lost another tree (bringing the total to four) to the drought) and so it was overcast and cool in the morning and only around the mid-80s (as opposed the low hundreds, upper nineties). We walked around in the muddy woods, listened to harp music, played with Scottish terriers, and vigorously supported small businesses related to handmade soap and backyard-produced honey.

I'm still not feeling great - my stomach and everything directly connected to it is iffy and my sinuses can detect movements of air masses up to hundreds of miles away - but the weather has turned cool, which is nice. Though it'll probably turn back by the end of the week. Fall doesn't really start here until October or afterward.

I'm going to work some more on a short story today, and try to get it closer to a finished condition.

Also got my copies of the CD version of the audiobook of The Element of Fire, narrated by Derek Perkins. It's also available as MP3s but I've never actually had an audiobook come out on CD before. The three Books of the Raksura are all available as audiobooks, but just on MP3. So it's pretty cool for me.

Empire and Rebellion: Razor's Edge comes out Tuesday, and I'll be doing a book signing in Austin Saturday October 5 at 2:00 at the Arboretum Barnes and Noble, and Aaron Allston will also be there doing a signing.