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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Into the light

Catching up on links

* I had a short story posted on podcastle, plus other stuff in this post.

* Roqoo Depot did a gallery of Leia Organa art

* NYT: Professor Says He Has Solved a Mystery Over a Slave’s Novel
In 2002, a novel thought to be the first written by an African-American woman became a best seller, praised for its dramatic depiction of Southern life in the mid-1850s through the observant eyes of a refined and literate house servant. But one part of the story remained a tantalizing secret: the author’s identity.

* Online color challenge

* Atlas Obscura: Ten of the World's Most Disorienting Places

* IO9: 10 Unsung Heroes in the History of Doctor Who

* Den of Geek: Why does female-leaning fandom come in for such criticism?
A further commenter picked up the baton: "anything with a fanbase mainly composed of teenage girls - One Direction, Bieber, Twilight etc - gets tons of these uber-macho comments from people desperate to prove that they don't like this sissy garbage". As such you get "homophobic slurs aimed at the artists and misogynistic ones aimed at the fans".

* IO9: The Science Behind Power Naps

Book rec:

Darkbeast Rebellion by Morgan Keyes
Betrayal threatens everything Keara dreams of in this fast-paced, exciting sequel to Darkbeast.
Keara, her friend Goran, and the wily old actor, Taggart, are fleeing for their lives. They have all spared their darkbeasts, the creatures that take on their darker deeds and emotions and lift their spirits. But their actions defy the law, which dictates that all citizens must kill their darkbeasts on their twelfth birthdays.