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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate Monuments

(no subject)

A while back, a local magazine did their yearly local artist's issue, and as part of it, I got to have some photos taken by photographer Igor Kraguljac.

I'm very camera-shy, and have holdover Issues from when I was a teenager about how I look, so no matter how much I want to look like I'm not in pain in a photo my face will freeze up. (At cons I'm fine with taking pictures with people, it's just I have to apologize for whatever my face is doing, it's not intentional.) But anyway, it's unusual for someone to be able to get good pictures of me. And you should look at Igor's site, and admire his other photos, they're gorgeous.




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Those are lovely shots!

I wish I were that photogenic. They're lovely pictures.

Wonderful photos! And what a beautiful place to take them.

And they are lovely pictures!

You are beautiful and you look like a dark-haired Susan Sarandon.

Those are nice photos, and you look great.

Martha - you are absolutely beautiful, and always have been. I've known you for what? 30 years? I know of what I speak!

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