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Stargate in Distance


We had a huge booming thunderstorm late Saturday night, with more rain on Sunday and this morning. No flooding at our house (though we had a debris line close to the garage door) but there was a lot of bad flooding in other parts of the state. (They were afraid the Colorado River was going to crest over the Congress Avenue bridge in Austin.) More to come later this week, probably.

* A follow-up to the Oatmeal Post: Seriously, Screw The Oatmeal
But again, The Oatmeal continues its habit of lionizing people who don't necessarily deserve it. Bartolomé de las Casas was probably a very good person, but he was also the father of the African slave trade in the Americans.

* Boing Boing: Amazon requires publishers to use Kindle DRM

* Robert Jackson Bennett: On women, and empathy, and con games
How weird it is that I was able to sail through high school and even college without genuinely befriending a single female. How strange it feels that I could be successful at anything without needing to socialize with them in any genuine manner, without making them a part of my life, social or professional or what have you.
I was never asked, I feel like, to consider them an equal, a peer. It certainly never occurred to me to do so.

* Austin writer Steve Niles needs help: Steve Niles House Flooded – Paypal Account Set Up To Help

* Elementary school needs help after Colorado floods: Fundraiser for Lyons Elementary School
I've heard that Red Cross donations for the flooding recovery in Colorado are 6 million below what was expected -- there's still people without power, water, etc there who need a lot of help. Red Cross

* Fantasy Art: Lauren K. Cannon

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I know some people who had flooding in their houses - glad you didn't! The YMCA building on campus got flooded again - I have a friend who works in the basement there, and they've all been sent home for the next few days while it dries out.

Yes, I think we were pretty lucky here. It was raining so hard it was flooding spots that are usually too high to worry about.

(Deleted comment)
They should close the basement and install a wetlands exhibit.

Not as bad this time at least! It is just a wet carpet from what I hear. I saw pictures from last time - yikes!

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