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Snippet on a Rainy Day

This is a short snippet from the second Raksura novella that I'm writing. (Don't know yet when the first ebook novella will be published, or about print versions, but I'll post when I do. I'm excited about these!)

note: novellas are not full-length novels, they are basically longish short stories.

(This is set in the far past of the Indigo Cloud court. Cerise is a queen, Tranquil one of her female warriors, and Fluff is an older mentor.)

Tranquil drank the tea but picked at the fruit with the air of someone who was too worried to eat. "What do you think will happen?"

People had been asking Cerise variations on that question all evening. The only person close by was Fluff, who had his eyes closed and appeared to be sleeping while sitting up. She lowered her voice and for the first time answered honestly. "If this queen, Argent, is so rash and angry that she fights Indigo, Indigo may have to kill her to survive."

Tranquil grimaced.

Cerise continued, "Beryl and Silver will attack Indigo in a rage. I kill them, forcing Emerald Twilight to send more queens and warriors to retaliate and the two courts go to war. Or they injure me badly and because Ruby is incapacitated by her pregnancy and can't intervene, and Indigo is injured, the warriors and Arbora panic and attack Beryl and Silver and kill them."

Tranquil lifted a brow, skeptical. "The Arbora? They have more sense than that."

Fluff, without opening his eyes, said, "Arbora are perfectly capable of swarming when in a collective rage. Not unlike flightless dakti, but considerably stronger and smarter. This is why we spend a great deal of effort on not getting into a collective rage."

Tranquil twitched uncomfortably. Cerise said, "We rely on the Arbora as a calming influence, but we forget that we're related to the Fell, and that our blood now runs through the Arbora's veins."

Tranquil said, reluctantly, "What if Argent kills Indigo?"

Cerise moved her spines in resignation. "Then I kill Argent in a rage, and it all starts anyway." She shook her head. "I can't let that fight take place. If I trusted them both to fight until first injury, it would be different. But it's too great a chance to take."

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Glad to see you writing something you're excited about!

I have such a soft spot for intelligent, pragmatic discussions that don't attempt to exclude emotion from the reasoning. Emotion is part of reasoning; it's the engine.

It will be very interesting seeing Indigo Cloud from a different perspective (and time period). Can't wait!

If Indigo is still around, does that mean Cloud will be there too?

:D :D :D

Is this about Indigo stealing Cloud? :D

Was the relationship between Raksura and Fell common knowledge back then?

Yay awesome snippet! :D

Arbora in a collective rage...O_O Yes, plz no enraging of the Arbora, folks, k thx.

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