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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Element of Fire cover

The Wizard Hunters Audiobook

I've had a pretty horrible sinus headache for the past couple of days, due to all the changing weather fronts. It goes from my sinuses down into the back of my neck and is making it hard to brain, and live, and so on.

Publishing stuff:

The Wizard Hunters audiobook is coming out on this Monday, October 21, with The Ships of Air on November 4 and The Gate of Gods on November 25. All three are narrated by Talmadge Ragan.

The books were originally published in 2003-2005, right before my involuntary publishing hiatus. The main character is Tremaine, who is the daughter of Nicholas Valiarde and Madeline Denare from The Death of the Necromancer. They're all still available from the original publisher, HarperCollins, in ebook, and the page for all the Ile-Rien books is on my web site here.

And if you read Empire and Rebellion: Razor's Edge and liked it, or didn't like it, and if you have time and inclination, please leave a review on Amazon or B&N or wherever you bought it, or GoodReads, etc. Those reviews really do help.


* Mindy Klasky: The DARKBEAST REBELLION Post I Didn't Want to Write Mindy explains how Barnes and Noble destroyed her book's chances without even trying.