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Today is my and my husband's 18th wedding anniversary, so yay! I'm going to spend it writing and doing laundry, but we are going out to dinner tonight.

Oh, I posted this on my Tumblr yesterday: http://marthawells.tumblr.com/post/64602833747/in-case-anybody-thinks-i-am-a-fake-geek-girl-i

Saturday we went to the Renfair, though I was still nursing a bit of a sinus headache. It was a great day, sunny and cool. We got to see both Wine and Alchemy and Circa Paleo (usually our timing is such that we only find a band when it's the last song of their set and they stop playing just as we sit down). They've been putting a lot more work into the landscaping in the past few years, and the site looked great. (The new plants got a big boost a couple of years ago when the fair nearly burned down twice during the wildfires that destroyed so much of the area; they dumped so much water on it trying to keep it from burning down, it looked like a rain forest.) There were some new buildings and new merchants, and a lot more handmade stuff. I didn't take any pictures this time but here's some older ones:











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Happy Anniversary to you guys!

Happy Anniversary! That looks like a great RenFaire.

Happy Anniversary!

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Happy anniversary! I'm glad you had fun at Renfest. It's been way too many years since I've been.

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