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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Forest -Kashyyk

Monday Again

* I'm interviewed on FanGirlBlog: Linda Interviews Martha Wells

* There's a GoodReads giveaway for the audiobook of The Wizard Hunters, which came out on Oct 21. (The Ships of Air and The Gate of Gods will both be out in November.) Five copies will be given away and it'll run until November 7.

* I will be at OctopodiCon in Norman, Oklahoma this weekend, November 1-3. I'm on a few panels and I have a reading/signing at 9:00 am on Saturday.


* Kids Need to Read - the Nathan Fillion Donation Page

* Study finds TV shows with ethnically diverse casts, writers have higher ratings
This really doesn't surprise me. The trend where shows cast clones of the same two or three white people over and over again is getting really, really boring, and it makes all the shows look alike, no matter what they're about.

* From the Attic: An Introduction
There are several overpowering myths about women in SFF, the oldest being that women don’t really write SF. Joanna Russ wrote scathingly about these myths in How To Suppress Women’s Writing and has almost come to represent one of her own examples. She’s rightly acclaimed for her feminist SF but it is as though she was an anomaly as from the same era Vonda McIntyre, for instance, is rarely mentioned.

As Sarah Lefanu asserts, SFF seems well suited to women authors, and indeed many have been instrumental in most of the genre’s movements, subgenres and trends, usually without due credit.