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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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John and Teyla - Uh Oh


Feeling very down and depressed today, again. It's sort of the new normal, or back to the old normal. I've been very stressed out and anxious lately, and in a way it feels like it's erased the emotional progress of the past few years. Anyway.

It rained so much this week that our roof leaked a little. It came down through a wall all the way to a doorframe on the first floor. I'm going to have to deal with that soon.

I am looking forward to seeing Thor, but we won't be going until Tuesday. I'm trying to avoid spoilers, as usual.

And I am almost done with the second Raksura novella. It's not going to be as long as the first one, which went long for a novella. (The length of a novella is usually between 17,500 and 39,999 words.) This one is a story from the past, about how Indigo and Cloud got together back before the court left the Reaches. It's sort of turning out to be like Pride and Prejudice in a Raksuran colony tree.


* The Box of Crazy
So a friend of mine found this box by the trash, it is full of wonderful, crazy illustrations. Clearly something happened to this guy that was very memorable. It measures roughly 29" by 38" and almost all the drawings are very large.

* An Imperial Underworld
A group of Italian caving enthusiasts, investigating a small hole in the ground concealed by bushes, discovered surprising information about the inner workings of ancient Rome’s most impressive imperial residence.

Story rec

How the Milkmaid Struck a Bargain With the Crooked One by by C.S.E. Cooney

my links

* I have a section on my site that lists all the ebooks I have available that are DRM-free. Some of them are pretty cheap.

* Speaking of cheap, there are some discount copies of the trade paperback of The Siren Depths for $6.00 on Amazon US. (Christmas present, hint, hint.)

* I have a novella, "Holy Places," in this month's ebook-only issue of Lightspeed Magazine.

* I have a boatload of audiobooks out now, including the Star Wars book, all three Raksura novels, and four of my older fantasy novels, with three more on the way. Here's the list at audible.com.

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