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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate in Distance


N.K. Jemisin: Contemplation, at the end of a season
This isn’t something writers talk about when a novel first comes out, note. Bad marketing mojo; the last thing an author wants to do is suggest that their brand-spanking-new book is an old trunk novel dusted off and given new life. Still, the sad fact is that very few writers break in with the actual first novel that they’ve written, and many of those authors later sell the older ones. Were those older novels bad novels? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Sometimes they just weren’t what the industry was willing to accept at that time.

The Toast: A Female Author Talks About Sexism and Self-Promotion
It's absurd to pretend that getting letters detailing what a worthless person you are doesn’t exacerbate anxiety and depression. And it's absurd to pretend this doesn't come from an environment of internalised, sublimated, or simple overt misogyny.
I have seen male authors, people who work in publishing, and readers make fun of women who talk about such feelings (yes, including suicide attempts). These women feel they had to give up creating what they love, in order to make their lives livable. I know many more who are persisting, but whose health and happiness and creative energy is being severely compromised. Neither I nor anyone else will ever know how many female creators will never share what they've made with the world, because they have been scared off.

The Toast:
A Second Female Author Talks About Sexism and Self-Promotion

Maureen Johnson: On Being a Female Writer. What are the Perks?

Huffington Post: On Labeling Women 'Crazy'