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Martha Wells

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We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival again yesterday, one last trip before it's over in a couple of weeks. We met up with two friends out there and wandered around a lot and ate a lot of food. It was hugely crowded, like a three-ring circus going on around you all the time. Lots of people wear costumes, everything from very accurate Elizabethan outfits to pieces of Halloween costumes. Lots of pirates, lots of people with wings. People pretty much wear whatever they want out there, like a comic con dialed up to 11 with lots of daytime drinking. Plus, it was barbarian weekend, so there was a lot of Conan-style outfits. And there's the Sea Devil tavern, which after a certain point in the day starts to get like one of those dangerous, scary taverns from fantasy novels, except with much better music.

Sherwood Forest Faire in February is a lot of fun too, and in a completely different way. The way the site is designed, it never seems crowded, and it's much more relaxing.