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I hope everybody who celebrated had a good Thanksgiving and a good Hanukkah.

We didn't have any guests this year and didn't go out of town, so I went for a less labor intensive meal. I did a pot roast braised in red wine with a little cognac (which I ended up making a gravy out of and it was really tasty) plus carrots, potatoes, green beans, and rolls. (The green beans are from an Emeril recipe that uses a bacon-onion-garlic-chicken broth braise, and for some reason it makes the house smell like a really good Chinese restaurant, so that's a bonus.) We basically just sat around and ate and watched RED 2.

On Monday night we went with a friend to see one of the 3D showings of the Doctor Who 50th, and I absolutely loved it, and managed to remain unspoiled for all the big moments, yay! The theater was packed and a lot of people were in costume.

There was one weird moment yesterday with Tasha (one of the cats). She had a minor freak out where she started running around the living room and crying loudly (it sounds like normal cat behavior but isn't for her). She stopped after a minute and seemed okay but confused. I took her upstairs (away from Jack, the other cat) and she mostly wanted to purr and cuddle. She let me squeeze her tummy and abdomen gently and later she peed and pooed normally, so I have no idea what that was. I think she may have had a cramp or something and she thought she was being bitten invisibly and it scared her.

ebook sale

* Angry Robot is having a 50% off ebook sale today The sale includes my book Emilie and the Hollow World (DRM-free).

Two things if you missed them earlier:

* This is a kickstarter for a children's book Aaron de Orive and I co-wrote a few years ago. He developed the characters and the plot outline, and we both worked back and forth on the actual writing. The book is finished, we're just doing a kickstarter for the money to publish it, get it edited and copyedited, and get artwork and design for the cover.

* The Book Fair for Ballou SR high school library has started: http://guyslitwire.blogspot.com/2013/11/spread-some-holiday-good-cheer-with.html#more

This high school library started out with less than one book per student, and after several annual book drives is doing much better, but the school still has little to no budget for new books.

You can buy books off the library’s wishlist at Powell’s (http://www.powells.com/cgi-bin/wishlist?email=guyslitwire@gmail.com&list=Ballou%20Sr%20High%20School,%20Washington%20D.C.) and send them directly to the school at:

Melissa Jackson, LIBRARIAN
Ballou Senior High School
3401 Fourth Street SE
Washington DC 20032

There are lots of books on the list under $10.00 and even one book helps. Be sure to include the title “librarian” so the books go to the right person at the school, and be sure to check them off the wishlist as you’re buying them.