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Atlantis Dark

Water Issues

Last night we went to see Catching Fire, which was fabulous. (With it, Thor 2, Doctor Who, it's been a great couple of weeks at the movies.) Then we went to a local family-run place we really like and picked up kebobs and bread and baba ghanoush to go, and then we started home. As we got close to the house, we saw there was water flooding down all the streets. Very strange. We followed the flood to our house, where the source of the Nile seemed to be a bubbling lake at the end of our driveway.


The water main runs under the front of our property for some reason and it had broken. It took a couple of hours for the city to get out there, around 10:00 pm, but they worked on it until it was fixed. I'm not sure how long it took them. We went to bed but I kept hearing drilling and banging until pretty late at night. The city will probably come back at some point and fix the concrete and the street. All the pavement around our house is broken and cracked from over forty years of shifting soil, so anything they do it will be an improvement.

Oh, and someone let me know that the audiobook version of The Serpent Sea is current on sale for $4.95 at Audible.com

Plus: I have a kickstarter project going on this month and there's a book fair for a high school that really needs books.

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I'm so sorry to hear about the water main! What a distressing find after a night out. ::HUGS:: Hoping everything settles down and also that the city takes care of that broken pavement quickly.

Thanks! It looks like they kept most of the damage to the street, so hopefully that means they'll come fill it in soon.

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