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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate in Distance

Sunday Links

I'm going to be offline off and on for pretty much the rest of this week, just fyi.

Book recs

* Tor.com Under the Radar: Teresa Frohock’s Miserere: An Autumn Tale
Teresa Frohock’s debut novel, Miserere: An Autumn Tale, is one of the most grossly under-read novels of the last few years. I’ve seen the sales figure. What’s incredible, is every person I’ve recommended the novel to, or who read it independently and discussed it openly, has done nothing but rave about its subtle brilliance. In fact, whenever someone asks if they should read it a slew of pro authors and bloggers assault the questioner with encouragement.

* Lane Robins has three ebook SF/F novellas out: A Soul Like Salt, Brewing Poison, Brewing Peace, and A Case in Perspective

* A Tower Broken by Mazarkis Williams is out in the UK

* The Big Idea: The Stars Change by Mary Anne Mohanraj



* Atlas Obscura: The Lake Monsters of America I went on Girl Scout campouts in the territory of the Lake Worth Monster.

* Why Sleepy Hollow is both the Silliest and Most Important Show on TV Right Now

* Women Writers and Bad Interviews

* Postcolonial Fantasy and Africa- Against the Word "Tribe"

A Quote

"The writing world is full of heartache, headache, rejection, lack of support, feeling like nobody cares or respects you, feeling excluded, feeling attacked, criticized or ignored. We ALL go through this. And it only gets worse once you start getting published. In my opinion, writers are either the greatest or the most despicable human beings on earth, depending on how they react to this negativity. The great ones are those who support others even when nobody supports them, who strive to improve their work no matter how many times it is rejected or criticized, who MAKE people care who previously could care less. The despicable ones are those who are faced with these same problems and decide to respond with bitterness, pessimism, hate, jealousy, and disrespectfulness. They take everything as a personal offense and blame everyone else for their own shortcomings. They backstab and sabotage, attack and criticize. They never see things from anybody else’s point of view but their own. Basically, they add to the negativity rather than becoming the bright shining positive force they should be. My advice is to strive to be one of the great ones. The world doesn’t need any more of the despicable ones."
- Carlton Mellick III