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This has not been a good morning.


Jesus, Santa, and Now Sound of Music's Mother Abbess?
Bigotry and ignorance join forces to deny the existence of black nuns in Europe. No surprise that it's bad history.
Although the overwhelming majority of the world’s black Catholic sisters served (and continue to serve) in the Americas and Africa, the presence of black nuns in European convents is not a recent phenomenon. In fact, one of the first documented black nuns in Europe was Louise Marie-Therese, the famed Black Nun of Moret, who took the religious habit in 1695 and remained at Benedictine abbey at Moret-sur-Loing in France until her death in 1732.

* When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege
Personal Development gurus can get away with whatever they want, so why can’t you?
In the incident she saw, I was really glad the post office worker didn't cave and made the asshole stand in the line. I've been in lines in stores, etc, where they let the guy get away with it. And anybody who doesn't know what body part a femur is doesn't need to be writing for the Wall Street Journal.

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::HUGS:: I hope your morning improves and that you have a lovely rest of the day and an awesome weekend!

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