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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

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Stargate Monuments

Post-Xmas round-up

We had a good low-key Christmas. Our friend who stays with us arrived late Monday night and we stayed up a bit late watching the Muppet Christmas Carol and Vicar of Dibley. Christmas eve night we went to our a local chef-owned place for lovely Japanese food. We had more guests on Christmas day and had a big dinner, and watched The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot (which I checked on the off-chance and found it was online again) and the DW Christmas special. Next day we sat around and watched the Elementary DVD I got for Xmas, more Vicar of Dibley, Love Actually, and then went out to see Saving Mr. Banks.

The food turned out really well, better than I'd hoped considering a couple of what I thought were key mistakes which didn't end up being that bad. Christmas eve day I made turkey stock from three turkey necks, leeks, carrots, celery, and some spices. I cooked it all day then strained it and combined it with the cubed bread and crumbs and let it sit in the fridge all night. Next day I added sauteed celery and green onions, and it was delicious. I also made a roast, a red wine gravy, rolls, the bacon-leek-butternut squash soup, and Emeril's garlic braised green bean recipe.

Now I'm catching up on writing, doing laundry, and at some point we need to start putting the house back together.

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I hope you liked Saving Mr. Banks. We loved it.

Sounds like a marvelous Christmas. I pretty much nearly cried at losing Matt Smith but it was a very good send off scene. I'm going to miss him loads but the new incarnation intrigues me.

I did enjoy it but it was a very emotional movie for me. Kind of difficult to watch in the parts dealing with her childhood. I thought it was like "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" but without the tough mother as a safety net.

Yes, that send-off scene really hit you in the heart. I'm really wondering what they're going to do with Capaldi, too.

I know what you mean about Saving Mr. Banks. Very early in the movie I had my hand clasped over my mouth because I could so clearly see what was coming. It is not a children's movie. But I truly loved what Disney said about the role of storytellers.

Yes, it was like watching a slow-motion train wreck. I was very tense waiting for the terrible things to start happening. And yes, the part about what storytellers do was awesome.

Because I can't reply on the other post--if I ever won the lotter (ha-ha, yeah, I know), besides the helping family and friends, there are a few authors to whom I'd give money to make it easier to concentrate on their writing. You're one of them.

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