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* Moonkind by Sarah Prineas is out!
As the Lady of the Summerlands, Fer has vowed to serve her people without the deception of the glamorie and she had trusted other leaders to fulfill the same promise. But not all the Lords and Ladies want to keep their oaths, and they've unleashed the consequences of their betrayal onto the lands. Only Fer, with the help of the puck-boy Rook, can fight the stillness invading the lands. But can she trust Rook? And can she protect her people before it's too late?

* I just finished The Golden City by J. Kathleen Cheney and loved it. It's a mystery set in a magical, alternate version of early 1900s Portugal, and the worldbuilding is excellent. I can't wait for the second book.

The Cloud Roads was a top ten read at Bibliosanctum and Razor's Edge was at Shadowhawk's Shade.


* Crossroads And Coins: Naomi Mitchison's 'Travel Light' by Amal El-Mohtar
I had never encountered Mitchison's work before reading Travel Light. A cursory googling revealed, to my astonishment, that there were good reasons for me to think of this book and The Hobbit as two sides of my heart's coin: Mitchison and Tolkien were good friends, and Mitchison was among the first readers of The Lord of the Rings before it was published (Travel Light was published in 1952, Lord of the Rings in 1954). Reading further I discovered, to my astonishment, that Mitchison had written more than 90 books, that she died in 1999 at the age of 101, that she had led a spectacular life full of travel and social activism, that she had written science fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction and poetry — and that she was nowhere to be found in the canon of genre fiction.

* A preview of Touch by Michelle Sagara.

* Tom Baker's newsletter where he talks a bit about filming the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who

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