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More Links

I keep forgetting to mention this, but I have a tumblr where I post the same posts I post here (say that three times fast) plus a lot of other stuff. So if you prefer to tumbl instead of LJ, that's where I am.

* Of Awards Eligibility Lists and Unbearable Smugness by Amal El-Mohtar
You cannot with one breath say that you wish more women were recognized for their work, and then say in the next that you think less of people who make others aware of their work. You cannot trust that somehow, magically, the systems that suppress the voices of women, people of colour, disabled people, queer people, trans people, will of their own accord stop doing that when award season rolls around in order to suddenly make you aware of their work. You MUST recognize the fact that the only way to counter silence is to encourage speech and make room for it to be heard.

* Battle of the Sexists (aka Let The Self-Promotion Roll, Ladies) by Gwenda Bond
Don't be an imperfect vessel, kids. Which seems to mean, among other things, don't self-promote, don't believe your own work is worth promoting, and for eff's sake, don't imply that it's worthy of critical consideration OR that which books get attention really does often come down to initial perceptions of the people who make those decisions... Perceptions which are undeniably colored by impressions created by the track record/history of the author and the packaging (and I'd include marketing push there). And if you believe that women's and men's work are packaged the same, or that women authors whose works are or are perceived to be primarily about and/or for girls or women are on equal ground in this equation, then I have some lovely beachfront property I'd love to sell you with a library full of Franzen the Grouch novels. Just send me a cashier's check.

* Atlas Obscura's Essential Guide to Bioluminescence

* elanya commented with this and it's awesome: Peter Mayhew is posting old behind-the-scenes photos from making the original Star Wars: here, or on The Wookiee Roars twitter feed

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I saw those Twitter pics. They're amazing!

Yes, he's got some really incredible shots!

I am on the fence about self-promotion. I mean, it's fine when it's in appropriate venues, or casual mentions. I'm ok with saying, "Hey, read my book! I think you might like it!"

But I am really uncomfortable with a lot of the pushy self-promotion I see from authors (male authors, mostly). Dude, if you're having to sell it that hard, odds are it will suck.

The posts above don't really reference that (I hate the constant stream of self-published promo some people do on Twitter -- I don't think it does a bit of good, no matter how many people are following them) but about writers, usually only women writers, getting castigated for making a post on their own blogs with a list of their award eligible work around this time of year, when award nominations are due. You should be able to post on your own blog when you have something new coming out, too. I've seen people who are reluctant to do that, even when most of the people who are following them are probably doing it to find out when they have something new coming out.

making a post on their own blogs with a list of their award eligible work around this time of year

Oh, that's totally different. And yeah, I love seeing those, because it means I can catch up when I've missed something one of my favorite authors has published (if you hadn't mentioned Death of the Necromancer, I'd never have heard of it, and I LOVE IT UNREASONABLY.)

Thank you! :) (and fyi there's some fanfic for it on AO3)

fyi there's some fanfic

::perks:: Oh, yes?? I am so there! :)

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