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Yesterday I found out from Joe Lansdale online that Neal Barrett, Jr. had passed away. I didn't know him very well, but I first met him in college when I was working on AggieCon, the university SF/F con, and he was a guest. Later after I started getting published we were both guests at cons and did panels together. He was a great person and always very nice to me, and very supportive of new writers.

His best known book was the fantasy the The Hereafter Gang, and it's still available now in kindle and on audiobook.


a few links:

* Amazons: Warrior Women in Fact and Fiction by Catherine Lundoff

* SFF in Conversation: Women Write SFF (Andrea K Höst’s Keeper Bookshelf ) 99 women writers.
“Women don’t write science fiction." “The majority of fantasy writers are men.”
Many of these books never seem to pop up on any list, despite their undeniable existence, and the fact that I liked them enough to keep. And it becomes one of those self-defeating circles: many of these books were not talked about, didn’t get enough buzz or sales, and never show up on any lists.