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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate in Distance

News and Links

* If you missed it last night, the paperback with the first two Raksura novellas is up for preorder.

* There's been a $1 or so price drop on the Kindle editions of The Wizard Hunters, The Ships of Air, and The Gate of Gods. I don't know if it's permanent or what.

* I'll also have a non-fiction article in The Kobold Guide to Magic, which is also up for preorder.

Some Links

* I have a guest post on Novelocity answering the question: what authors did you want to see more from?

* Buzzfeed: What It’s Like To Read A Great Book, As Told In GIFs

* Rich in Color: 10 Great Resources for Writing Cross-Culturally

* Raw Story: DNA test of 7,000-year-old tooth overturns popular image of light-skinned European hunter-gatherers

* Alex Bledsoe: The Secrets of Writing Action Scenes

* Cynthia Leitich Smith: Crave Diversity? It's (Partly) a Matter of Dollars & Sense

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Thank you for passing on a link to my post!

No prob! :)

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