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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Dr. Orpheus

Cold Tuesday

I'm working on the fourth Raksura novella now, and am a little less than a fourth of the way into it. It's going to be set in the present day of Indigo Cloud, and there might finally be a clutch for Jade and Moon.

* I am in this SF Signal Mind Meld talking about "What's 'Wrong' with Epic Fantasy?"

* This family could really use some help: Olson Family needs Help This is a situation where if a lot of people were able to donate even a little bit, you could do a lot of good.

Book Rec

* Black Dog by Rachel Neumeier is out now.
This is from Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, the same publisher who does my Emilie books.
Natividad is Pure, one of the rare girls born able to wield magic. Pure magic can protect humans against the supernatural evils they only half-acknowledge—the blood kin or the black dogs. In rare cases—like for Natividad's father and older brother—Pure magic can help black dogs find the strength to control their dark powers. But before Natividad's mother can finish teaching her magic their enemies find them. Their entire village in the remote hills of Mexico is slaughtered by black dogs. Their parents die protecting them. Natividad and her brothers must flee across a strange country to the only possible shelter: the infamous black dogs of Dimilioc, who have sworn to protect the Pure.

* Also, coming out in May, Bad Luck Girl by Sarah Zettel
This is book three of the American Fairy trilogy, set during the Depression. I really love the covers on these, and you should check out the first two: Dust Girl and Golden Girl


* NYT Not All Monuments Men Were Men
Rose Valland, whose role is depicted briefly by Cate Blanchett in the film, was a French Resistance operative who spied on the Nazis and showed herself able to shoot and drink with the boys. Edith A. Standen was a captain in the Women’s Army Corps who went on to a career at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And Ms. Hall was a Smith College graduate who came to the task from a career focused on the study of Asian art.

* Older than oldest of 7 Wonders: 4,600 yo step pyramid uncovered in Egypt

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(Deleted comment)
I finished the third one (a week or so ago, maybe? Time is blurry) and posted a snippet of it here. Also the first two are coming out in paperback in September, yay! Not sure yet when the ebook versions are coming out.

Yes, Rachel's book looks awesome!

I wish I could pump out content as fast as you do. I've been doing very poorly lately on my word count.

I'm not that fast, I just work on being steady. :) I try to get a certain amount done every day.

I've started kind of working my way to that. I've begun using little motivators like Excel-based monthly word charts to monitor my progress with defined target word counts for each day. My Sundays are being set as a time to revise the previous days, which will really help because I tend to do more revising than actually working on getting through the story first. I also did a checklist for important plot stuff that helps keep things in perspective.

a: Eeee Moon and jade babies :3

b: We were talking about the female "Monument Men" this morning at work. I want to be a museum spy!

That would be a pretty awesome job. I wish they'd do a movie or series focused on the women on the team, too.

Yay! Was hoping we'd get to see a clutch for Moon and Jade! Looking forward to all of those stories!

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