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John - WTF

(no subject)

Let's see. Yesterday while I was in the bathroom, Jack (the cat), removed two keys from my laptop keyboard. After a frantic search (looking under the furniture with a flashlight and finding lots of lost kitty toys and a large angry Siamese cat (Tasha)) I finally found them under the laptop. This was a relief, since it meant they weren't working their way through Jack's intestines. Also they just snapped back on. (They were the arrow keys at the end of the first row. I guess he was planning to work his way through the whole keyboard.)

I've still been waking up at 4:00 or 5:00 am, just from anxiety issues. Bleh.

A friend let me watch True Detective on her HBO, and wow, I see what everybody means. I've got episodes four and five left, then the three which haven't aired yet. I think my brain may explode waiting to find out what happens.

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I read the Jack story on FB yesterday, and my brain process 'keys' as car keys. I kept wondering why you had car keys sitting on your laptop....

He must be a strong kitty. Some keys are hard to pry off. I'm so glad you found them, both to fix your laptop and so you didn't have to worry about him having eaten them.


I am loving this show as well. The fourth (or fifth?) episode has one of the tensest scenes I have ever seen on television. I found myself leaning forward in my seat unable to look away. Pretty rare for me as I am a jaded TV watcher.

I really need to watch that show... but maybe I should wait until it is all out, hmmm >.>

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