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Stargate Monuments


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Stargate Monuments

Writer Aaron Allston passed away

I woke up to very bad news this morning. Austin writer Aaron Allston passed away, while at an SF/F con in Missouri. He had had a bad heart attack in 2009, and had recurring health problems from that, but he was only 53. And of course, as a writer, he couldn't afford to stop working.

I've known Aaron so long I don't remember when we met. He was a kind, funny guy, and always great to talk to. I remember sitting around with him and several other people talking late at night at the first WorldCon in San Antonio in 1997, but I know we met before that, probably at AggieCon. Sometime later we were both at the Texas Book Festival together, and he offered to denounce me in the SFWA Forum since the festival guide had gotten my bio wrong and said I won a Nebula award instead of just being nominated. We had just done a signing together in Austin in October of last year.

Here's an obituary by Allen Varney

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I mostly know him from his contributions to the X-Wing series, which have always been my favorite Star Wars books (which is not, of course, to disparage your recent contribution to the setting). I was excited to pick up X-Wing: Mercy Kill; probably would have succeeded in the apparent aim of sucking me back into Star Wars, if the current state of the EU didn't leave me so dismayed.

I never got to meet him, but given the humor that comes across in his books, I imagine he must have been a really fun person to know.


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