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Atlantis Dark


Let's see. Saturday we went to Sherwood Forest Faire outside Austin. It wasn't too cold, in the upper 60s to low 70s, but it rained off and on through the morning. We were sitting in the Paleo Hookah Bar tent (I've never tried a hookah because I really hate tobacco, but they also sell fancy teas and coffees) while the bands were talking about how/where they were going to play. (The stages have small roofs, but not really much shelter if it starts to pour.) (Rain is not kind to violins and drums.) But it had cleared up by the time our friends arrived around noon, and we went to hear Circa Paleo play. They had gone ahead and set up on the stage, and of course as soon as they started, it started to drizzle and rain again. They went ahead and played the whole set, while edging closer and closer to the back of the stage. I hope nothing got ruined.

The food as usual was great. I had the ginger chai at the Hookah Bar tent, and a bacon and egg puff from the Bakery. (the Bakery is weird. It's very good, but has terrible signage and seems to be trying to conceal the fact that a) it exists and b) has a long menu of items. I think it's run by maybe two people at most and basically has all the business it can handle, so is trying to stay under the radar.) I also had spinach and feta crepes at the meat-on-a-stick-and-crepes place, s'mores on a stick (homemade marshmallows dipped in chocolate and covered with graham cracker crust), and some excellent falafel at the Jerusalem Cafe (which also has the roving Turkish coffee and baklava cart). A lot of the places have food that's cooked to order right in front of you, so it's a very good eating experience.

Then Sunday afternoon I fell down the stairs, as I have done a few times before. They're carpeted stairs, so I just have bruises and rug burns, and I'm not hurt. I think the carpet is the problem. The upstairs carpet is at least twenty to thirty years old and it's basically gone bald, and is very slippery in dry weather, and since we've had to run the heat a lot so far this year, the inside of the house is very dry.

A few links:

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I'm sorry you fell. I ripped out the carpet on my stairs years ago after my feet slid out from under me at the top of the stairs and I hit one or two of the stairs with my butt so hard that it hurt for several months afterward. I'd slipped a few times before that too without getting hurt and that was the wake-up call that the carpet needed to go. The stairs were ugly with the it gone so I sanded them then painted them a nice shade of medium blue and I haven't fallen down them that way again.

Be careful of that staircase! We don't want it to eat you!

The food at the faire sounds wonderful.

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