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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Journey - Young Hercules

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This Saturday I'll be here: Martha Wells on Writing Speculative Fiction for Kids and Teens

Weekend after this I'll be at: LeoCon at TAMU-Commerce.

Links for the weekend:

Juliet E. McKenna: Where do our ideas go? Creativity inspired by SF&F writing art inspired by SF/F novels -- check out the Fauxtography website she links to, it's pretty cool.

J. Kathleen Cheney: Urban Centers Film of different cities, from 1901-1911.

Cracked: 5 Shocking Realities of Being Transgender the Media Ignores

Atlas Obscura: Before the Garden Gnome, the Ornamental Hermit: A Real Person Paid to Dress like a Druid

New York Review of Books: Elegy for a Country’s Seasons

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