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Stargate Pyramid


This weekend I was a guest of honor at LeoCon, a small one-day convention at Texas A&M University at Commerce. It's only their third year, but it was a great convention. It's run and organized by a student committee, and sponsored by the university, and it had a young, diverse crowd interested in books, anime, comics, TV and movies, and lots of people in costume. (It reminded me a lot of what AggieCon used to be like when I was a student.)

It's organized a bit like an academic conference, with some SF-related academic presentations. I did a reading (from the third Raksura short novella, "The Dead City") and did a drawing to give away some free books, and did a Q and A session on publishing in general. I also sat in on the digital publishing panel in the afternoon. Artist Bryan Brinlee was also a guest and did a presentation on how to do comic pages, and Nathan Arbuckle, a technical director and visual effects artist, showed his demo reel from some of the movies he'd worked on (The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, etc). And at the end of the day (before the costume contest and dance) there was a raffle drawing for a bunch of prizes.

I had an awesome time.

Also if you live nearby, the university literary journal, The Mayo Review, is going to be having a launch party on April 18th with author Pat Carr, with a workshop and reading.

Here's some pictures from the convention: (taken with a phone, so not that great)






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Glad you had a great time. :)

I noticed that the Amazon and B&N (and Goodreads, it seems, haven't checked anywhere else) pages for Volume One of the Stories of the Raksura now have the cover posted.


I'm hoping that's not actually the cover, because it's just a mish-mash of the previous art. They're supposed to do an actual cover with real artwork at some point.

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