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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate in Distance

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More eBooks:

* Lady of Horses by Judith Tarr
Sparrow is a shaman’s daughter in a tribe that forbids women to be kings, to be shamans, to be anything but silent and tractable servants to the all-powerful men. They may not ever ride the horses that are the life and soul of the tribe, or even approach them, for fear of angering the gods.

But Sparrow knows another story, a story of the woman who first rode a horse, and her brother who took both the horse and the glory away from her. Sparrow sees visions and dreams dreams–and her brother the shaman takes them from her and presents them as his own.

* 1919: After the War by Margeaux Otis
Nurse Rosalind Fuller doesn't want to speak about her experiences in the Great War. She's repressing those feelings for all she's worth, and is grateful her new friend, George Kearney, doesn’t push. When Kearney’s friend, Lieutenant Matthew Riekert, moves in as her aunts’ new tenant, Rosalind tries to distract herself from the past by a romance with Matthew. Her scheme backfires when he suffers a devastating combat flashback, and she finds her feelings are stronger than she'd intended. And the ability to feel and love strongly is not something Rosalind wants anymore.

* Juliet E. McKenna: Invisible: essay collection edited by Jim Hines. See Why Diversity & Inclusion Matter in SF

* SF Signal: The Comics of Joe R. Lansdale
On the August 17, 1995 episode of his TV series, conservative mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh held up a copy of Joe R. Lansdale and Tim Truman's Lone Ranger and Tonto (Topps, 1995) graphic novel and chided their portrayal of an intelligent, independent Tonto as "political correctness." In his typical, uninformed manner, Limbaugh didn't even research the offending material ("I have far more productive things to do than read comic books.") The creative duo would attract even more controversy in 1996.

More links:

* Cherry City Comic Con (in Salem, Oregon) turns Refund Request into PR Disaster and publicly shames a cosplayer. ETA: here's an alternate link to a description of the situation, if the first link is down: http://www.dailydot.com/geek/cherry-city-comic-con-mocks-safety-issues/

* Comic Book Resources: Introducing the New CBR Community
Comic Book Resources has had to delete its forums because of a massive on and offline campaign of harassment and threats against a guest contributor.

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Thank you! Earlier it looked like their server was having problems loading.

Oooh! I've been waiting for Lady of Horses to come out in ebook version - one of my favorites! *pounce*

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