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book rec:

* The ebook of fantasy novel Living in Threes by Judith Tarr is on sale for .99 cents. Check out the lovely cover.


* Caitri: Some Disjointed Thoughts on Shame, Gender, and Cultural Capital

* Black Gate: The Fascination of Dragons by Foz Meadows

* SF Signal: Interview: Author Beth Bernobich Talks About Time Travel and the Spark That Led To Writing

* Fantasy Book Cafe:
Women in SF&F Month 2014: Final Post

* Buzzfeed:
How Censors Killed The Weird, Experimental, Progressive Golden Age Of Comics
by Saladin Ahmed
In the 1940s, comic books were often feminist, diverse, and bold. Then the reactionary Comics Code Authority changed the trajectory of comic book culture for good.

* Read Gabourey Sidibe’s Wonderful Speech From the Ms. Foundation Gala

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Ooh! Ooh! I got a link!!! I feel so important right now!!!!!!

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