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I am way behind on links:

Jennifer Crusie: The End of History Problem in Planning a Writing Career
I think for a lot of people, that’s just an amusing tic, something you look back on and think, "How could I have been so wrong?" laugh, and move on. But if your career is tangled up in who you are, the End of History Illusion can be a huge problem. Take writers, for example.

Storytelling Rules: Is This Burn Out? Or taking care of what I have...
The world I loved, that I had created in the last ten years, during pregnancy and nap times, stolen weekends away, stolen hours locked in my bedroom while my husband took the kids and the dog away somewhere, and for the last few blissful years during the hours between when my husband took the kids to school and I walked over and picked them up – felt poisoned.

NPR: The Congresswoman Whose Husband Called Her Home
Voted in on her own merits, not appointed to keep a late husband's seat warm for a successor, the trailblazing mother could only watch as vengeful party rivals, a manufactured scandal, and a feckless, alcoholic husband combined to sabotage her career.

Kickstarter: Speculate!
Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers, and Fans has been running for over 3 years and 100 episodes. We'd love to continue to deliver the high-quality podcasts that you (and we!) expect. So we're reaching out to you, our long-time listeners, our occasional listeners, and listeners who have yet to join the Speculate! crew.
And I was interviewed on it last year here.

Cracked: 5 Details They Cut from My Season of 'The Biggest Loser'
I knew The Biggest Loser was a terrible thing, but I didn't know how terrible. (If someone threw up during a workout or a class at the gym I go to, they would call the paramedics and everyone would flip out.)

Craig Laurance Gidney: Writing Advice: The Agony and Ecstasy of Diverse Fiction
First, some background. Much (though not all) of my fiction is centered my own identities as a gay African-American. Even though I am marginalized, I, like everyone, have blinders on and am guilty of being solipsistic.


* Greywalker #1 by Kat Richardson Very cool book trailer.

* Sun-Kissed by Laura Florand

* Glaze by Kim Curran

* The Unladylike Education of Agatha Tremain by Stephanie Burgis Free fantasy YA short story.

* The A-word by Joy Preble sequel to The Sweet Dead Life

* Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History
his all-original anthology, edited by author Older (Salsa Nocturna) and PW reviews editor Fox, expands the focus of Anglophone speculative fiction beyond protagonists who are white, straight, cisgender, and male. It's also available in ebook though that's not showing up on the listing for some reason.

* The first few pages of Pure Magic by Rachel Neumeier

* Reddit Fantasy Lists Under-Rated and Under-Read Fantasy

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Thank you so much for the story shout-out, Martha! And eee, so excited to read the opening to Rachel Neumeier's next book - I looooooved BLACK DOG.

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