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Martha Wells

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Comicapalooza Schedule

I'm going to be at Comicapalooza this coming weekend (May 23-26) in Houston at the convention center on 1001 Avenida de las Americas.

Here's my panel schedule:

Unexpected Heroes and Heroines
Fri 2:00 pm
Jacqueline Patricks, Ashley Nemer, Martha Wells

Fri 3:00 pm
No Right Way to Write: Techniques for New Writers
Rachel Caine, Kimberly Frost, Martha Wells

Saturday 10:00 am
Playing God – Building Your Own World
Panelists: Martha Wells, Stina Leicht, Cassandra Rose Clarke

Monday 10:00 am
It’s My Fantasy
Panelists: Raven Raye, Chris Lewis, Martha Wells, Cassandra Clarke


I did not have a good weekend. I had lots of self-induced stress and anxiety dreams, culminating in acid reflux. And I felt kind of blah and energy-drained all week from allergies.

I did get some work done on the new pond, and I'm going to be moving a lot of landscaping rocks today.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks :)

It looks like it's going to be huge!

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