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Audiobook, Links, Book Recs

Good Raksura news: Stories of the Raksura: Volume I will also be released in audiobook! Hopefully it will have the same reader, Christopher Kipiniak, as the first three books. Hopefully it will be out on or near the time of the book's release on September 2. I have a page for the book on my site, but it's still fairly incomplete. Volume II should be out in the Spring of 2015 sometime, and I should know more about that later this year.

This is kind of awesome for me at least, because almost all my books are now available in audiobook. You can see the list audible here, but they're also available on iTunes, Barnes and Noble, etc. There were a lot of years there where people would ask me about audiobooks and I didn't think there was any chance of that ever happening.

Right now I'm working on the first set of proofs for the final version, and it looks really good.

* If you missed it, I did a Comicpalooza report yesterday. One thing I noticed about the convention was that I wasn't as tired afterward, and I think it was because I never had a blood sugar crash like I usually do at some point at cons. Possibly this was because of the food and drinks sold on the convention floor, which actually reminded me that I needed to eat and drink things occasionally.

* Also if you missed it, Emilie and the Sky World is out, and if you've read it, reviews on places like GoodReads, B&N, LibraryThing, etc that post reviews are always welcome, even if you didn't like it.

* It rained here pretty much all day yesterday, which is good, as we're still in drought conditions, but I hope it holds off for a while today to give everything time to soak in so we don't get flash flooding. It rained a lot of Monday, too particularly while I was driving back from Houston, so that wasn't too fun.

Some Links:

* N.K. Jemisin's Wiscon GoH speech

* Hiromi Goto's Wiscon GoH speech

Book rec:

* Bad Luck Girl by Sarah Zettel is available now.
In this final book in the series, Callie's 16th birthday is marked by warring fairy kingdoms fighting for control of her magical gift: the ability to open gates between worlds. Set during the Great Depression, the fast-paced action takes readers from Los Angeles to Chicago to the very heart of the fairy world. Callie is the biracial daughter of a fairy prince and a devoted human mother, and in Chicago, she meets the "Halfers," beings neither human nor fairy. With her characteristic kindness and sense of justice, Callie befriends the shunned Halfers and realizes that her choice of allegiance is not just between the fairy and the human worlds.

* The Zen of eBook Formatting by Guido Henkel

* 7 Reasons to Preorder The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley

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I've only heard the samples for the audiobooks, but I thought Christopher Kipiniak's voice was perfect for them. He really suits the narrative quite nicely.

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