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The Cloud Roads

Good News for The Cloud Roads

I got some really good news yesterday. The trade paperback of The Cloud Roads is being reprinted. It's been increasingly hard to find since last year, so it's really good news that the publisher is going to reprint, rather than letting it just go out of print.

So if you've been trying to find a copy for yourself or for a gift, it should start becoming available again soon. It's nice to have it also available in ebook and audiobook, but a lot of people still do like actual print copies.

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Yay, congrats, wooo!!!! \o/

Doing the little dance of joy here - we sold CLOUD ROADS continuously until we couldn’t get it in the bookstore anymore; we can absolutely, joyfully, handsell the whole trilogy when we *can* order the book back in.

So: YAY!

Oh yay, that's really good to hear! Thank you!

Excellent news! My book group was scheduled to read this in July. We've moved our August book (Ascension by Jacqueline Koyanagi) to July, and were going to pick a substitute for August at our next meeting, which is this Thursday. If you have a sense of how soon "available again soon" might be, I will pass that on. But I will tell them we don't have to substitute!

I know they were starting this week, but I don't know how long it actually takes for printing, packing, shipping, etc. I'm going to keep an eye on B&N and a few other places for when they start showing copies available, and I'll post about it here.

oh good! i've given several as gifts and now i can continue to do so--i'm sure there's a way to give an e-book as a gift but a) i don't know it and b) it lacks something for me from giving a person a physical object.

Oh cool, thank you! Yes, I've given people Nookbooks, but actually handing them a wrapped book is more fun.

That is indeed great news!

That's fabulous! They must have gotten a lot of requests. I have it in paper, ebook and audiobook so I'm covered. :)

Thanks! Yes, I was so happy to hear it! :)

Oh, excellent news!

I told another co-worker about the Raksura books, and he said he would have to buy them.

Yes!!!!!! I was furious on your behalf when it went out of print. I constantly recommend your books to pretty much everyone, but some of them want paper copies, so this is great news.

Also, I'm currently halfway through Emilie and the Sky World (I don't know why I waited so long to read it; I think I had some kind of brain fever), and I am absolutely loving it. I already can't wait for more. Is there a third book in the cards?

Thank you! And I'm glad you're enjoying Emilie! I have the option to do a third one, but right now I want to do another adult fantasy first, maybe another Raksura book. And I'm not sure what the plot of a third Emilie book would be.

Would it be against the rules (or poor marketing tactics, which I suspect amounts to the same thing) to graduate Emilie to youngish-adulthood, and have her be the star of an adult fantasy? It's not, you understand, that I have anything against YA books, or against Emilie continuing in that vein, it's just that after two such adventures in a relatively short time, I think she deserves a bit of a chance to recuperate and explore her new life. On the other hand, given how competitive the researchers/explorers are in those books, there could still be some adventure there -- spies, sabotage, and the like -- without advancing the time-frame much at all. And, of course, there's plenty of room for adventure in her own dimension; I'd love to read about some lost civilization in far, frozen north: Emilie and the Snow World, or something like that.

I don't know. Just thinking aloud. As a general thing, if you'll write it, I'll read it. I'd snap up another Raksura book in a heartbeat, too, but I'd do the same for something unrelated to any of your other series, too - I have a deep, abiding love for City of Bones and The Wheel of the Infinite, and in some ways I think there's more freedom in a world that only exists for a single book.

Also -- and I'm not saying this is a good idea, mind you -- the idea of an Emilie/Tremaine crossover amuses me immensely. I just like the idea of Tremaine and Ilias exchanging glances with Giliead as another airship appears in Sypria. Then, in unison: "Not again..."

Thanks, those are some good ideas worth thinking about. And an Emilie/Tremaine crossover would be a lot of fun! Though it might work more for a short fanfic story than a book.

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