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If you missed it yesterday, The Cloud Roads paperback is being reprinted.


* If Strangers Talked to Everybody like They Talk to Writers
"So Chet tells me you’re a bartender. Would I have tasted any of the drinks you make?"

Book Links

* An excerpt from Shield and Crocus by Michael R. Underwood

* The Leopard by K. V. Johansen

* California Bones by Greg van Eekhout
In van Eekhout's (Norse Code) first hardcover for adult readers, a combination of caper novel and urban fantasy packs a wallop. Daniel and his team banter even while up to their necks in danger, and the magic system in which eating the bones and flesh of creatures can grant you their power is unique and fascinating (if a little icky). Highly recommended. - Library Journal

* A review of Osiris by E.J. Swift

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Congrats on the Cloud Roads reprint. Awesome news.

Thank you! I was pretty excited to hear it.

I just got my copy of Bladesinger from the Kickstarter!

Yay, glad you got it! Aaron told me he was ready to send them out.

I too have received my copy of Bladesinger. Can't wait to read it! I've enjoyed some of Aaron de Orive's works in the past, so I'm excited to see how this collab will be.

Cool, I hope you enjoy it!

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