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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate Atlantis

Pond Progress Again

Finally, pond progress pictures. The first three are various views of digging the new pond and shoring up the sides. The next one is the old pond/swamp/bog with the water lily taking over. The next is this morning, after pulling the water lily out. The last two are the still-in-progress new pond, which is looking more like a water feature now and less like a hole in the ground.

Pulling the water lily out was pretty horrible. Below the pretty leaves are a matted mass of slime, leaves, dirt, rot, and roots. It had dragged its original container from one side of the pond to the other, and the main roots were a good inch thick. We had to use a shovel, a trowel, branch clippers, and a thing with a blade on the end that's actually used for scraping linoleum off concrete.

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...You need a tool for scraping linoleum off concrete? This is a thing?

We mainly used it for getting rid of a badly installed linoleum floor that was glued to a concrete slab, but I think it's just a basic flooring removal tool. Our house was built in 1969 when badly installed linoleum was in fashion.

Hee. I remember '60s lino. And the way it decayed in the '70s. It had just never occurred to me that there might be a tool - but of course there is. It probably has a name. And a guild.

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I knew it would have a name! Thank you so much...

Yay pond, lookin' good! And yeah, those water lily roots are robust. Hope yours enjoys its new home!

It looks a lot better this morning. It's probably enjoying actual fresh water. :)

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