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Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Lots of News


* Stories of the Raksura is available for Nook preorder on Barnes and Noble. Both the Nook and paperback versions are cheaper there than at Amazon.

* Blade Singer the children's book I co-wrote with Aaron de Orive, is available in Nook, Kindle, and Kobo, and the people who signed up for the kickstarter should have gotten their ebook copies.

Other people's news:

* The Cipher by Diana Pharaoh Francis is available.

* The Whitefire Crossing by Courtney Schafer is an ebook daily deal for $1.99 on Nook, Kindle, and Kobo! This is a great fantasy novel, with adventure, diverse characters, and very scary magic. I gave it a blurb when it first came out in paperback in 2011. It's the first of a trilogy, with the second book already available and the third is coming out soon.

* Cibola Burn by James S.A. Corey, the fourth book in the Expanse series, is available today in ebook and trade paperback. This is one of the books Amazon refuses to sell, so at that link there's a long list of alternate sites where you can get it, including Mysterious Galaxy and other indies, and Barnes and Noble, etc.

* Kickstarter: Gates of Midnight, a graphic novel.
This supernatural thriller pits Raven, a combat medic recently returned from Afghanistan, against creatures from another world. Barbara Hambly, one of my favorite ever writers, is associated with this project.

* Don't forget the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter. If they get one more million, they can put reading Rainbow into 7500 schools for free.

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I'm almost finished with Blade Singer, and I'm really enjoying it. It's a great book and I'm glad I helped out the Kickstarter.

Yay, glad you're liking it! :)

Hi! Any news on the audio version of the Stories of the Raksura? I'd love to get it!

It won't be out until after September 2, when the trade paperback and ebook are published. I haven't been listing it because it isn't up for preorder yet.

Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it. I like to have both ebook and the audio versions. Love this series! I'm so glad to see more of it!

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