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Thursday Links


* Book View Cafe: Don’t Crush That Writer! (Hand Me the Duct Tape) – One on Writers' critique groups
During the critique group, the other writers made suggestions that changed the entire thrust and scope of the story. The fantasy writers wanted it to be more fantastic; a writer who also wrote romance thought it should have a romance element; other people seized on this or that plot element and ran with it. The critique was often in the form of "I think you should...". A couple of the writers gave commentary that seemed unusually acerbic.

* Meridian Six by Jaye Wells novella is out in paperback.

* An excerpt from The Time Roads by Beth Bernobich

* Catherine Lundoff: On Valuing Women and Others - thoughts in progress
Here is a thing that I have been thinking about for a long, long time.I live in a patriarchal culture, one that only gives a little bit here and there, then takes back what it has given and then takes more. I survive in a patriarchal culture as white and cis and university educated, but also as queer and middle-aged. My perceived cultural worth as a woman, as a creator, drops over time as I age. And I resent the hell out of that.

* Kari Sperring: Collateral damage
I'm seeing older women -- whether women of colour or white women, lesbian, bi or straight, trans or cis forgotten, or only considered relevant once they're dead or long out of print and the limelight (if they ever had any share of the latter to begin with). I'm seeing women writers who debut later -- and women writers, along with writers of colour and writers with disabilities often face additional challenges which mean that they are more likely to debut later -- being written off with no or few reviews, dismissed unread as predictable.
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