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Eddie Izzard in Austin

So Friday night we drove to Austin and to meet up with friends and see Eddie Izzard's new stand-up comedy show. I had never see a real live comedy show before, so it was both new and also awesome, because it was Eddie Izzard. We were sitting in the second-to-top balcony, which gave me some fear-of-heights issues because it was so steep.

My favorite bit has to be Mr. Stevens, head of catering for the Death Star, who has evolved into the most powerful being in the universe, and at one point solves a dispute between Darth Vader and God over spaghetti carbonara which is actually a metaphor for attaining world peace.

I almost missed the t-shirts, because between the crowds and the slightly confusing traffic pattern inside the Long Center, I didn't see them. Then on the way out, one of our friends disappeared. We waited a while, wondering if she was in the bathroom, having trouble with the stairs, waiting in line for an elevator, but she had actually stumbled on the sales table and was buying stuff. So I snuck back in and got a t-shirt.


The next morning we had brunch with friends, visited another friend's house and went swimming, and basically just hung out and relaxed before heading home.

I am going to be at Convergence in MN this weekend and that link has my schedule.

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That sounds as if it was AWESOME.

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